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On Tuesday, President Obama delivered his State of the Union (SOTU) Address to the Nation. In the Address, the President voiced support for natural gas use in cars and trucks. Specifically, the President stated:

“This Congress can help by putting people to work building fueling stations that shift more cars and trucks from foreign oil to American natural gas.”

The SOTU is usually accompanied by a The State of the Union Fact Sheet, which is available on the White House website. In this Fact Sheet, the President elaborates more fully on the comments he made in the SOTU and what his proposals are. Accordingly, the President indicates that the Administration will support expanding tax incentives to build fuel infrastructure and to replace oil with U.S.-produced natural gas in trucks and other transportation. Similar to what the President had proposed in last year’s SOTU, the Fact Sheet also refers to the establishment of an Energy Security Trust Fund to fund R&D for advanced vehicle technologies. The President also expressed his support for investment in advanced vehicles and infrastructure through a new tax credit and an extension of tax credits (to support cellulosic biofuels). The NGV market is growing, and we appreciate the President’s support to accelerate the transition to a transportation fuel that is clean, abundant and domestic.

NGVAmerica issued a press release based on the President’s positive statements, which can be accessed here. The 2014 SOTU transcript is available here, and the 2014 SOTU Fact Sheet is available here.