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Westport Unveils Spark-Ignited Technology for Medium Duty Applications

On Tuesday, Westport Innovations unveiled its newest proprietary technology, the first generation of enhanced spark-ignited (ESI) natural gas systems. The Westport ESI combustion system is targeted at sub 9L engines for Class 6 and 7 trucks applications and is also adaptable for sub 2L applications for use in automotive and non-automotive applications. Westport’s new technology is designed to provide vehicle and engine OEMs with a “downsized” natural gas solution that is cost competitive while providing similar levels of power, torque, and fuel economy to a larger diesel engine. The system optimizes the combustion and thermal efficiencies of the engine by taking advantages of the positive properties of natural gas. “As the ESI technology continues to be developed, Westport will incorporate competitive performance upgrades to support the longevity of this system,” said Jack Keaton, Westport VP of global spark ignited direct injection. The system is designed to provide up to 10 percent improvements in power and torque over the base diesel engine, while maintaining comparable fuel economy to diesel engines. Westport is currently in various stages of development and negotiation with several vehicle and engine OEMs for ESI applications in medium-duty truck and automotive applications.