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PG&E Requiring Fuel Customers to Complete Cylinder Inspections

In California, the major gas and electric utility, PG&E, is requiring all CNG service customers to provide a signed CNG fuel system inspection certificate by December 12, 2014 for any vehicle to be fueled at a PG&E CNG facility. Customers that fail to submit completed inspection records by the deadline will have their fueling accounts suspended. Accounts can be reactivated within six months by providing the required documentation; after six months of suspension, accounts will be permanently closed. PG&E is requiring inspections after encountering fuel systems designed to operate at 3,000 psig and the ongoing use of expired cylinders. California Code of Regulations, Title 13, section 934.1 requires that all CNG vehicles comply with the NFPA 52 standard that requires a three year/36,000 mile CNG cylinder inspection. PG&E’s proof of inspection has been approved by the California Public Utility Commission. For more information, click here. To search for a CSA certified CNG fuel system inspector in your area, visit the CSA website.