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Arizona Transit Authority Deploys Five New CNG Buses

The City of Tucson and Sun Tran will introduce five new Sun Tran 35-foot-long CNG buses into its fleet this week. The new buses achieve the livability goals of the City of Tucson by helping improve air quality in the region. Although the five buses will replace 14-year-old CNG-fueled buses, the new buses employ a newer CNG engine, which produces lower emissions than standard fueled vehicles and older CNG vehicles. The new buses are smaller than the average 40-foot Sun Tran bus, which lowers operating/maintenance costs and provides better fuel economy. “The purchase of these new buses was in response to the needs of the community and demonstrates the City’s and Sun Tran’s commitment to providing a healthy environment,” said Kate Riley, General Manager of Sun Tran. “Sun Tran understands the importance of this investment as it contributes to a sustainable community.” Purchased with funding from the Federal Transportation Administration, City of Tucson and Regional Transportation Authority, the CNG-fueled buses cost just over $508,000 each.