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Oklahoma Department of Labor Requests Comment on NGV Regulations

The Oklahoma Department of Labor (DOL) has released proposed regulations that cover installation and operation of natural gas fueling stations, natural gas vehicles, technicians who work on NGVs, and technicians who install or maintain natural gas fueling equipment. Oklahoma has one of the more comprehensive approaches in the country to regulating such activities. The regulations appear to largely follow existing requirements but will now fall under the purview of the Department of Labor instead of the Corporate Commission. A major change is the proposal to adopt the diesel gallon equivalent standard as a method of sale for CNG and LNG. Under the proposal, a DGE of CNG would be 6.380 lbs. and a DGE of LNG would be 6.060 pounds of natural gas. CNG would also continue to be allowed to be sold in GGE units (5.660 lbs. of CNG equals a GGE).

The DOL will hold a public hearing in Oklahoma City on March 20. Persons interested in this rulemaking can file comments until March 20.