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Xebec to Use High-Efficiency Membranes for Natural Gas Filtration

Xebec Adsorption announced that, effective immediately, it will be integrating high efficiency membranes into its gas purification and separation solutions. Xebec has historically been offering gas purification and conditioning solutions solely based on adsorption technology. After an in-depth evaluation of membrane technologies, Xebec will now offer standalone membrane solutions, as well as hybrid (membrane and adsorption) solutions, which are able to achieve recovery rates and purity levels greater than when using adsorption technology alone.

For biogas upgrading applications, Xebec membrane systems will achieve recovery rates of up to 99.8 percent, while meeting stringent product gas specifications. For biogas or landfill gas applications containing nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2), Xebec offers advanced fast cycle kinetic pressure swing adsorption (kPSA) solutions that can handle nitrogen levels of up to 30 percent with strong recovery rates.

For more information, contact Xebec at 832.532.8741 or sales@xebecinc.com.