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Wärtsilä Introduces More Efficient LNG Fuel Pump

Wärtsilä has introduced the new Svanehøj ECA Fuel Pump (EFP) that has been developed in close cooperation with designers of LNG fuel systems to support natural gas engines to achieve greater efficiency. Conventional pumps with the motor installed inside the fuel tank transfer as much as 70 percent of the electrical energy as heat to the LNG.

The new Wärtsilä pump offers a number of advantages, including having no tank connections below liquid level, no electrical components inside the tank, and hardly any contribution to the generation of boil off gas. Having less heat and pressure build up in the fuel tank makes the new pump safe, while also maintaining adequate pressure to ensure a continuous gas flow to the LNG engine.

The Wärtsilä Svanehøj ECA Fuel Pump is designed to be compatible with Wärtsilä’s LNGPac fuel bunkering and supply system, and in accordance with regulations covering vessels operating in Emission Control Areas (ECAs). The pump can also be used with other types of fuel, such as ethane and methanol.