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AFV Passes Accelerated Corrosion Testing on CNG Components

AFV Natural Gas Fuel Systems, a vertically-integrated, privately-owned, American manufacturer of fuel system components for the NGV industry, has released a technical paper verifying AFV’s compliance with NGV 3.1-2014 (accelerated cyclic corrosion test procedure for compressed natural gas powered vehicles fuel system components for). NGV3.1-2014, released in March 2014, addresses the construction and performance testing requirements for NGV fuel system components. The new requirement supersedes the previous salt spray version test that did not fully represent how vehicles react over a 15 year lifespan in the Northeast regions of the U.S. and Canada.

Test assemblies were provided to a large automotive OEM for the exposure portion of the test which included 100 cycles of temperature, humidity and salt spray exposure and followed by performance testing done at an ISO 17025 accredited lab which included high, low and ambient temperature leak testing and burst pressure determination. The final requirements are that no leaks are found and the burst pressure reaches not less than 80 percent of a virgin component.

The complete technical paper is available for free here.