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Port of Gothenburg Offers Natural Gas Bunkering

Ships powered by LNG can now bunker at the Port of Gothenburg. New regulations for LNG bunkering have been introduced by the Gothenburg Port Authority in collaboration with the Port of Rotterdam.

New bunkering regulations for ships operating on LNG have been drafted by the Gothenburg Port Authority and the Port of Rotterdam together with the Swedish Transport Agency. The regulations will allow cargo ships to bunker LNG at a cargo terminal and are the first general regulations to be introduced in Sweden.

“We firmly believe that liquefied natural gas is the marine fuel of the future,” said Dan-Erik Andersson, vice president operations at the Port of Gothenburg Energy Port. “The new regulations will have a key role to play in bringing added momentum to our region.”

There are major environmental benefits to be gained from using LNG in shipping. Sulphur and particle emissions are reduced to almost zero, nitrogen emissions are reduced by 85–90 percent and carbon dioxide emissions by 25 percent. Natural gas will come from terminals outside Gothenburg for the time being; however, there are plans to build an import terminal for LNG at the Port of Gothenburg.