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New CNG Facility to Support Northeast Virtual Pipeline System

Seven months after commencing construction, Direct Energy Business and Xpress Natural Gas (XNG) announced that the CNG production facility and distribution terminal in Manheim, New York is now fully operational. The facility is able to serve business and municipal customers hundreds of miles away.

The state-of-the-art Manheim CNG Center can deliver up to 45 trucks per day of natural gas with an annual peak capacity of 5.7 billion cubic feet (BCF), and features redundant design to ensure reliable service. The Center will provide CNG to remote businesses and municipalities that cannot sufficiently be served from existing pipeline infrastructure. With this facility, commercial and industrial customers throughout the tristate area will enjoy access to an affordable and clean fuel source for heating and manufacturing processes.

Direct Energy Business has teamed with XNG, the operator of a large fleet of high capacity composite CNG trailers, to accelerate the availability and benefits of natural gas to customers.

Businesses across a broad range of industries are already recognizing the benefits of CNG both as a primary and peak serving fuel source.