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Canadian Waste Hauler Provides Greener Services with CNG Trucks

Waste hauler Sani-Estrie in Quebec, Canada, Gaz Métro and its subsidiary Gaz Métro Transport Solutions (GMTS) announced the arrival of new dump trucks powered exclusively by CNG. The shift towards greener transport was lauded by the City of Magog, which has contracted Sani-Estrie to take care of its household waste removal.

The Sherbrooke-based family business currently boasts nine CNG trucks, five of which will be used for waste collection in Magog. To facilitate fuel supply, GMTS provided a CNG station at the Sani-Estrie Sherbrooke facility. The new fleet, now in operation, has been refueling through the Gaz Métro network since the beginning of July.

The nine CNG trucks—two tractor-trailers, two roll-off trucks and five dump trucks—are the first of a total of 30 to be delivered over the next five years. In addition to generating medium- to long-term savings for Sani-Estrie, the new fleet will cut greenhouse gas emissions.