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Louisiana Transit System Puts New CNG Buses on the Road

The Lafayette Transit System in Louisiana has introduced two new CNG buses to its fleet. The new buses are part of a fleet conversion that began in 2011. With the addition of the new buses, only one diesel-fueled bus remains for regular route service, and all other diesel buses are a part of the spare fleet.

The buses cost approximately $430,000 and are expected to provide transit services for the next 12 years. The fleet conversion from diesel to CNG is funded in part through a grant from the Federal Transit Administration with matching funds from Lafayette Consolidated Government.

“As we convert the fleet to CNG, we are more able to take advantage of lower fuel costs,” Public Works Director Kevin Blanchard said. “This helps make our transit system as efficient as possible.” All of the fleet’s CNG buses are fueled at the CNG filling station operated by Lafayette Consolidated Government, which was also launched in 2011 as a part of the fleet conversion project.