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Xebec Begins Operations at Chinese Landfill Gas Upgrading Project


Xebec Adsorption, a provider of gas purification and filtration solutions, recently announced that it has commenced operation of its first commercial landfill gas to CNG upgrading system in Anshan, North Eastern China. This landfill gas upgrading system is based on Xebec’s fast cycle pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology, assembled and integrated at Xebec’s Shanghai facility according to Chinese code and certification requirements.

The upgrading system is operating within a variable pressure envelope of 90 to 120 psig and dynamic feed flow parameters between 500 and 1300 cubic meters per hour. In addition, Xebec is deploying a kinetic adsorption process to continuously remove varying amounts of nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2), while maintaining corresponding recovery rates of 83 to 91 percent, and product gas purity levels of 94 to 98.6 percent methane (CH4). The gas will be used to power natural gas taxis that operate in the city of Anshan.