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Free FMCSA Course: Leak Detection in Natural Gas and Propane CMVs


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has developed a free online training course on leak detection in CNG-powered commercial motor vehicles (CMVs). The course is designed to help you become familiar with the unique characteristics and leak properties of natural gas fuels, list the major components of the fuel system and the places most likely to leak, detect fuel leaks, and know what to do if a vehicle has a fuel leak.

Unlike a conventional diesel fuel leak, a natural gas leak may not be detected by the human senses for several reasons.  Thus, a combustible gas detector or bubble leak test is necessary to confirm a leak of natural gas or propane. While this course was designed for CMV inspectors, it may be useful to owners or operators of natural gas CMVs, or others who may be exposed to these types of vehicles.

This course, available on the FMCSA website, is approximately two hours in length and includes two modules with content, graphic displays and a video demonstration of selected detectors.