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Washington Garbage Fleet Transitioning to Natural Gas


The City of Spokane, Washington, has unveiled its first CNG-powered garbage trucks. Over the next seven years, the City will convert its entire solid waste collection fleet from diesel to natural gas, a move that is part of the City’s Sustainability Action Plan, which simultaneously addresses unique opportunities for Spokane related to energy and climate.

This summer, the City will open the new Spokane Central Service Center, a combined Solid Waste Management and Fleet maintenance facility, which includes a CNG fueling station for the trucks. The City’s vehicle maintenance employees also are going through training to learn how to maintain and repair these vehicles. By the end of the year, the City expects to have 20 CNG trucks.

“We are continually looking for opportunities to use citizens’ dollars more effectively,” said Spokane’s Mayor David Condon. The City expects to save about $1 million a year in fuel costs once the entire fleet is converted.