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WCA Waste Launches Its First Public CNG Fueling Station

WCA Waste Corporation has launched its first public CNG fueling station in Gainesville, Florida. The new statino is open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can accommodate both passenger cars and heavy-duty trucks powered by clean-burning natural gas. The station also accepts all major credit cards and fleet cards.

“We are proud to offer the residents and businesses of Florida a cleaner fuel alternative in transportation to reduce greenhouse emissions and improve air quality throughout the region,” stated Bob Shires, WCA Regional Vice President. “WCA embraces new opportunities and methods to advance our sustainability efforts in the community.”

WCA provides solid waste and recycling services to the City of Gainesville and Alachua County. In addition, WCA is also the official sustainability partner of the University of Florida and has successfully designed solid waste reduction and recycling programs to ensure best solid waste management practices.