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Cenergy Solutions Delivers Adsorb Technology to Fleet


Cenergy Solutions has delivered its first ANG vehicle, a dedicated CNG Dodge Ram 2500 with a 5.3L engine, to be used in a commercial fleet. Cenergy Solutions tested the vehicle with its patent pending ANG tank and system.

“We have been getting great results driving it in a variety of conditions, including steep grades in the mountains,” said Gary Fanger, COO of Cenergy Solutions.

The ANG system stores over six times the amount of natural gas at 350 psi and 20 percent more natural gas at 3,600 psi than in a conventional CNG tank. Cenergy Solutions is using DOT compliant cylinders that have undergone worst case scenario testing wit over a year’s worth of actual on the road testing in an 8.1L engine vehicle.

Cenergy Solutions is also announcing that it is working with a bio-methane plant to store up to six times the amount of natural gas in their existing tanks with ANG technology. This plant has been in operation for two years and will soon exceed their natural gas storage capacity.

Cenergy Solutions’ ANG technology can be applied to virtually any type of natural gas storage system, including CNG vehicles, fueling stations, transport trucks and stationary natural gas storage. This equipment will also make it possible to use low pressure (350-500 psi) tanks that are lighter and can be conformed to fit in various areas of empty space in a vehicle.

Cenergy Solutions’ innovations were made possible by collaborating with global energy storage company EnerG2 and microwave.