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San Diego TA Approves $23 Million for CNG Buses with Capital Improvement Program

The Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) in San Diego, California, has unanimously approved $108 million for the FY 2017 Capital Improvement Program. The program includes $23 million for the purchase of 45 new CNG buses.

“The MTS CIP is an important road map for planning and funding assets for San Diego’s transit system,” said MTS CEO Paul Jablonski. “Having more than $100 million to allocate in CIP funds is very healthy for an agency our size.”

The MTS also approved the construction of a $7.1 million transit facility among other projects and vehicle purchases. MTS uses capital improvement funding as the basis for federal, state and local grant applications. The CIP process began in October 2015 with an internal call for projects from MTS departments. Each department submitted its capital project requests in priority order, and the lists were consolidated for review by the Capital Projects Review Committee (CPRC). The CPRC reviewed the projects in the context of their impact on operations and determined the most critical projects to fund this year. For more information about all the MTS CIP projects selected visit the Board’s agenda packet here.