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Senator Jim Inhofe Encourages EPA to Include NGVs as Part of VW Settlement


NGVAmerica gave its support of a letter written by Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) to US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy urging the consideration of natural gas vehicles in the remediation efforts for the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal. Inhofe argues NGVs, particularly heavy duty vehicles with low NOx natural gas engines, should be included in EPA’s strategic use of settlement funds.

“NGVAmerica applauds Senator Inhofe’s recognition of the significant emissions benefits provided by clean-burning natural gas vehicles and the cost-effective role that NGV’s could play to remediate excess nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions related to the Volkswagen diesel emissions issue.”

New natural gas engine technologies arriving in the marketplace now could have a significant impact on NOx emissions in areas with the highest pollution problems.  Heavy-duty NGVs with “Near-Zero” engines would complement a balanced settlement between EPA and Volkswagen to offset emissions and improve air quality immediately.

“Senator Inhofe has given the EPA a proven path to significantly remediate the excess diesel emissions caused by Volkswagen,” said Clean Energy CEO Andrew Littlefair. “Only a comprehensive solution including both light duty electric vehicles, and natural gas vehicles in the medium and heavy-duty trucking markets, will be able to correct the damage caused to our environment.”

Volkswagen has until March 24 to provide the court with an explanation as to how it will fix the diesel emissions problem.