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Energy Commission Invests in Higher Efficiency Natural Gas Projects

Earlier this month, the California Energy Commission approved $4.3 million in grants for projects to increase the efficiency of natural gas technology across a variety of applications. Included in the grants are projects to advance natural gas engine technology and the design and construction of an anaerobic digestion system to produce natural gas transportation fuel.

The Gas Technology Institute also received a $1 million grant to develop and demonstrate an advanced natural gas engine to be installed in 18 vehicles such as delivery trucks and school buses. The engine will help improve air quality in Southern California.

The City of Petaluma received a $3 million grant to design and operate an anaerobic digestion system to produce 150,000 GGEs of renewable natural gas (RNG) from food and beverage waste and use the gas to fuel refuse trucks. The goal is to recycle waste and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.