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Complete Coach Works Delivers Final CNG Bus to California County


Complete Coach Works (CCW) announced that it has delivered the final bus for a project in California to replace CNG engines on seven buses for Yolo County Transportation District, which serves Yolo County, downtown Sacramento and Sacramento International Airport. Work on the buses, which were near the end of their useful lives, began in September and the final bus was completed in March.

“The new engines will keep the buses operating for at least six to eight more years,” said Terry Bassett, Executive Director at Yolo. “We hope this will help bridge some of our funding gaps for meeting some of our bus replacement needs as well as reduce greenhouse gases.”

The buses are also being equipped with new CNG tanks that will at least match the lifespan of the improvements being made to the engines.

In 1993, the Yolo district became one of the first transit agencies to adopt CNG technology. The project will allow Yolo to continue on its path of providing a cleaner transportation system to its community.