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VW’s Diesel Emission Problem Requires a Big Rig Solution

By Matthew Godlewski, NGVAmerica President

In the coming weeks the U.S. Department of Justice and the Environmental Protection Agency are likely to announce a settlement with Volkswagen in the case of the automaker’s emissions scandal. The resolution of this matter will include one of the largest financial penalties ever agreed to by a car manufacturer. While Volkswagen will pay a significant fine, U.S. regulators will also likely require that a large portion of the company’s penalty fund mitigation projects that offset the thousands of tons of harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) pollution emitted by the automaker’s non-compliant diesel vehicles. This part of the case is best solved through an unconventional solution—modernizing a portion of America’s long-haul transportation fleet through the deployment of heavy-duty trucks powered by the latest clean natural gas engine technology…

To view the full op-ed, written by NGVAmerica President Matt Godlewski and published by The Hill, a widely read publication among congressional, department, and regulatory agency staff, click here.