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J-W Power Company Debuts New CNG Refueling Technology


J-W Power Company announced that it has developed a new patent-pending CNG technology that improves fill time at the dispenser.

The technology allows the compressor to change the number of stages dynamically to use high pressure from storage to yield a higher flow rate. It is currently available in two models, J-W PowerFill and J-W PowerFill Lite. Both options are designed in a 4-stage/2-stage configuration. When in direct-fill mode or when filling storage, both package designs function in 4-stage mode. While a vehicle is fueling, the package automatically switches to 2-stages, dramatically increasing the flow rate.

J-W Power has built over 4,000 natural gas compressor packages. The company’s CNG packages are provided with start-up, commissioning, station equipment installation assistance and contract maintenance services.