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Luxfer Launches Second Generation Type 4 Natural Gas Cylinders


Luxfer Gas Cylinders recently launched its second generation of G-Stor Go Type 4 carbon composite cylinders at the ACT Expo in Long Beach, California. Luxfer’s new GEN2 G-Stor Go cylinders provide a 9 percent CNG volume increase and a 15 percent weight savings compared to the company’s first-generation Type 4 AF cylinders.

Cylinder diameters from 22 in. to 27 in. are available, and cylinder lengths range from 40 in. to 140 in., what Luxfer calls the longest Type 4 fuel cylinder in the industry. GEN2 cylinders feature a new polymer liner and patented boss design that provide the highest level of liner performance and gas retention. The GEN2 cylinders are also equipped with Luxfer’s proprietary G-Flo valves that enable faster filling and provide more usable gas.

Luxfer recently began shipping new GEN2 cylinders to its customers that serve the trash truck, Class 8 heavy duty truck and medium duty truck sectors. GEN2 G-Stor Go cylinders are manufactured at the Luxfer plant in Riverside, California.