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SCAQMD Approves $32.5 Million for Natural Gas Trucks


The South Coast Air Quality Management District board has approved more than $32 million in funding for natural gas trucks, including low NOx natural gas trucks, through the agency’s Goods Movement Program under California’s Proposition 1B statute. Prop 1B funding, which totals $52 million for all projects, is provided by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

More than $26 million will be used to support the deployment of 263 natural gas trucks powered by Cummins Westport’s new super-low NOx ISL-G Near Zero engine. Another $6 million will be used to deploy an additional 97 natural gas trucks.

Technology No. of Vehicles Operational Deadline Program Funds Requested
Small Fleet – Diesel Truck 1 12/31/2016 $60,000
Natural Gas Trucks (Current Standards)  






Low NOx Trucks (≤ 0.02 g/bhp-hr) 263 7/1/2020 $26,250,000
Hybrid Trucks 20 7/1/2020 $2,300,000
Zero Emission Trucks 43 7/1/2020 $8,600,000
Zero Emission TRUs 102 7/1/2020 $5,100,000
Electric Chargers 30 7/1/2020 $900,000
TRU Electric Plugs 713 1/1/2019 $2,139,000
Total $51,629,000

Projects funded by Proposition 1B for the Goods Movement Emission Reduction Program must achieve early or extra emission reductions not otherwise required by rules or regulations. To date, CARB has granted close to $740 million to local agencies for various goods movement projects.

In September 2015, CARB approved new funding awards for the program, and a program announcement (#PA2016-02) for trucks, transport refrigeration units and related infrastructure closed in November 2015. The evaluation of small fleet applications was completed first and approved by the Board on March 4, 2016.