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NGVAmerica News Week in Review: July 25, 2016


  • Trillium CNG Finalizes Contract to Build 29 CNG Stations for Pennsylvania DOT
  • FHWA Releases Notice Concerning Alt Fuel Corridors 
  • TruStar Energy Awarded Contract to Build and Maintain CNG Station in California
  • New Public-Access CNG Station for the Chicago Area
  • Vancouver’s Translink Exercises Options for 51 New Flyer Xcelsior CNG Buses
  • CNG Cylinders International Debuts New Type 3 Tanks
  • Mainstay Selects Luxfer G-Stor Go Cylinders for Its Heavy Duty Truck Fuel Systems
  • Virginia Clean Cities Offering Hands-On CNG Training
  • Acquisition of Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Completed
  • Omnitek Receives International Certification for Fuel Rail Technology


Trillium CNG Finalizes Contract to Build 29 CNG Stations for Pennsylvania DOT

July 19, 2016

Trillium CNG, part of the Love’s Family of Companies, has finalized an agreement to bring 29 new CNG fueling stations to Pennsylvania. Earlier this year, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) selected Trillium for a contract under which the company will design, build and maintain the CNG facilities.

“This is an unprecedented project that will supply CNG to more than 1,600 buses at transit agencies across Pennsylvania,” said Bill Cashmareck, general manager of natural gas for Love’s. “PennDOT has led the way in proving how valuable public-private partnerships can be. We hope other states use this model so Trillium can help lower the cost of other transit facilities nationwide.”

Seven of the 29 facilities will be open to the public with the option to add additional sites in the future. The public stations are also open to the motoring public as well as light, medium and heavy duty trucks. The fueling stations will be strategically placed throughout the state to give fleets and motorists convenient access to more CNG locations. The agreement also includes CNG-related updates to existing transit maintenance and storage facilities.

Construction on the first three facilities will begin later this year and are expected to open early next year. Stations at the Cambria County Transit Authority in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and the Central Pennsylvania Transportation Authority in York, Pennsylvania, will serve the transit authorities’ fleets of public transit buses, as well as the motoring public. The Centre Area Transportation Authority facility in State College, Pennsylvania, is for private use by its bus fleet. All locations will be constructed over the next five years.

Love’s Travel Stops operates five travel stops in Pennsylvania, while Trillium operates three CNG facilities in the state. Trillium has developed several other sites in Pennsylvania that are now operated by third parties. Visit PennDOT’s website for additional details and a full list of locations.


FHWA Releases Notice Concerning Alt Fuel Corridors 

July 22, 2016

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has released a notice concerning the designation of alternative fuel fueling corridors.  In the notice, FHWA requests nominations from states and local officials to designate national plug-in electric vehicle (EV) charging and hydrogen, propane and natural gas fueling corridors along major highways. Specifically, the request for nominations is extended to state and local government entities.

In terms of timing, the Alternative Fuel Corridor Nominations are due to 30 days after publication in the Federal Register, which sets the deadline to August 22, 2016. NGVAmerica has recommended that its members work with their local Clean Cities Coalitions in an effort to provide input to state and local agencies that plan to submit lists to FHWA.  If you are in an area that is not served by a Clean Cities Coalition, it is recommended that you contact the state department of transportation.

The Fast Act (Sec. 1413) includes a program to designate and promote these corridors. The program does not provide any dedicated funding to support the development of such corridors or to fund infrastructure but such funding could possibly be provided in the future or provided by state authorities. The FHWA recently held a webinar to discuss this program.  To view the webinar or read the transcript, click here. Further information on the notice is available here.


TruStar Energy Awarded Contract to Build and Maintain CNG Station in California

July 21, 2016

TruStar Energy has been awarded the contract to build and maintain the first CNG fueling station for the City of Long Beach, California. The City, which is in midst of transitioning from LNG to CNG for its fleets, currently has 24 CNG-fueled vehicles. Over the next six years, the City plans to acquire an additional 307 CNG vehicles.

“Using alternative fuels for our refuse trucks and street sweepers is an important part of the City of Long Beach’s commitment to more environmentally sustainable city services for residents,” said Oliver Cruz, Fuel Operations Program Officer for the City of Long Beach. “Compressed natural gas is cost effective and cleaner than other fuels.”

The City’s fleet was recognized as the 12th best government fleet in the United States for 2016 by Government Fleet Magazine, and was ranked the No. 1 North American Government Green Fleet in 2008.

The station will have 100 time-fill posts, three 200 HP Ariel compressors, packaged by ANGI, and a PSB gas dryer. The time-fill system will allow the City to plan more efficiently and to store more fuel in vehicles, keeping vehicle downtime to a minimum. The CNG station is projected to be completed by TruStar Energy in November 2016.TruStar Energy will also maintain and service the station under a long-term maintenance agreement.


New Public-Access CNG Station for the Chicago Area

July 21, 21016

Homewood Disposal Service (HDS), a refuse, recycling and transportation company, cut the ribbon on a public-access CNG fueling station in the Chicago Area. Officially opening to the public in early August 2016, the HDS Energy station is conveniently located off I-80, a busy transportation corridor.

Homewood Disposal began its commitment to cleaner fuel in 2012 when it first added CNG trucks to its fleet. At that time, Homewood Disposal installed a private CNG filling at its Park Forest, Illinois location. Today, it has over 60 trucks running on CNG and plans to further transition its fleet.


Vancouver’s Translink Exercises Options for 51 New Flyer Xcelsior CNG Buses

July 14, 2016

New Flyer Industries Canada announced that Translink in Vancouver, British Columbia has exercised options with New Flyer for 51 40-ft. CNG buses, as well as 26 diesel electric hybrid buses and 45 diesel buses. Since 1991 New Flyer has delivered nearly 1,200 buses for Translink in a variety of lengths and propulsions.  All 51 CNG buses will be delivered to Translink over the next nine months.

“We are thrilled to continue our long-standing partnership with Translink, spanning the last three decades”, said Paul Soubry , President and Chief Executive Officer of New Flyer. “We are confident that our best-in class heavy-duty Xcelsior bus will directly support Translinks values and their commitment to giving their ridership efficient, safe, reliable and comfortable service.”


CNG Cylinders International Debuts New Type 3 Tanks

July 20, 2016

CNG Cylinders International has announced the introduction of their new type 3 cylinder. CNG Cylinders says the tank was created to give those in the transportation industry a stronger alternative to the traditional tanks that are currently available in the industry.

“The fact that our tanks are larger means longer drive times for truck drivers and less time to fill up the tanks,” said Mike Pomerantz, a representative of CNG Cylinders International. “The superior heat dissipation of the aluminum liner allows for 37 percent more gas in the cylinder under fast-fill conditions.”

CNG’s type 3 fuel tank comes in two distinct sizes – 23 in. and 25 in. in diameter. All tanks are made of seamlessly-forged AL6061 liners with an aerospace-grade carbon fiber full body wrapping. Each type 3 tank features aluminum billets (which promotes superior strength), is impact, fatigue, degradation, and penetration-resistant, and has achieved quality assurance including DOT & NGV2-2007.


Mainstay Selects Luxfer G-Stor Go Cylinders for Its Heavy Duty Truck Fuel Systems

July 18, 2016

Mainstay Fuel Technologies has selected second-generation G-STOR Go Type 4 cylinders, G-Flo valves and related technologies from Luxfer Gas Cylinders for its CNG on-board fuel systems for heavy duty trucks.

According to Mainstay CEO Rod Grandy, Mainstay will use these Luxfer products exclusively in their new generation of systems. “The market-leading weight and capacity attributes of Luxfer’s G-STOR Go cylinders gives us greater design flexibility to customize the range, weight and durability features of our systems,” said Grandy.

Luxfer will also provide cylinder and valve engineering and product support related to Mainstay’s heavy duty over-the-road trucks. The move will help lower costs and support the further innovation of new system configurations and capabilities.


Virginia Clean Cities Offering Hands-On CNG Training

July 24, 2016

The Virginia Clean Cities has opened registration for an introductory course to operating vehicles using CNG to be held in Chesapeake, Virginia, August 22, 2016. Students are required to gain an understanding of CNG, regulations, component and line fabrications, driver education requirements, and diagnostic testing com­ponents. Students will apply basic competencies to grasp in-depth workings of CNG vehicles.

The course also combines classroom instruction and theory with the opportunity to apply concepts through hands-on activities with the TFC Recycling’s active CNG service station. Students will be given the opportunity to learn and apply best-practices on a state-of-the art fleet. This course will emphasize testing at the end of each module prior to actively participating in active lab work. At the conclusion of the training participants will have satisfactorily completed 40 hours of training for the NFPA 52, CNG Theory, Safety, Troubleshooting and Diagnostics for Compressed Natural Gas vehicles for the 2013 NFPA standards.

For questions about the training, please contact Michael Phillips at 804.482.1790 or mphillips@vacleancities.org.


Acquisition of Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Completed

July 22, 2016

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies has been acquired by Douglas Acquisitions LLC. The transaction, initiated in April of this year, was just finalized. Effective immediately, the acquired company will be known as Quantum Fuel Systems, a company wholly owned by Douglas, a family-owned $1 billion private equity firm based in Northern California. Going forward, Quantum will continue to provide its CNG technology while being financially positioned to continue to grow its business operations. According to a Quantum spokesperson, immediate enhancements are expected in customer service, support and product offerings.

Quantum is also commercializing its innovative virtual pipeline trailer (available in 500 and 650 thousand scf of storage), a high-capacity transport trailer that optimizes the logistical efficiency of transporting CNG (and other gaseous fuels) by utilizing its proprietary Q-Lite CNG storage tanks at 5,000 PSI. The virtual pipeline trailer will debut later this year.


Omnitek Receives International Certification for Fuel Rail Technology

July 21, 2016

Omnitek Engineering received international certification for its patented fuel rail technology, based on tests conducted by an independent agency and standards sanctioned by the United Nationals Economic Commission for Europe, specifically UN ECE R110.

“Our patented fuel rail technology, which houses the fuel injectors, is a key technology essential for achieving ultra-low emission levels with natural gas engines,” said Werner Funk, president and CEO of Omnitek Engineering Corp. “This engine holds EURO VI emissions certification, which is now required in Europe and many countries around the world.”