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Omnitek Engineering Receives Contract to Develop Heavy Duty Natural Gas Engine


Omnitek Engineering announced it has signed a contract with a European customer to develop a heavy-duty 13L natural gas engine for Class 8 trucks and certify the engine to EURO 6 emissions standards, utilizing its patented technology.

The new 13L 450 horsepower natural gas engine being developed will initially be used to power a fleet of approximately 1,000 new Class 8 trucks, scheduled to commence service in 2017. The development contract includes a multi-year supply agreement for Omnitek’s proprietary components.

“The ability of Omnitek’s technology to achieve EURO 6 emissions certification standards, which is a competitive advantage and not easily achieved, has not gone unnoticed in Europe,” said Werner Funk, president and chief executive officer of Omnitek Engineering Corp. “In addition, the availability of a 13-liter 450 hp EURO 6 heavy-duty natural gas engine, coupled with the build-out of natural gas fueling infrastructure, should further accelerate deployment of natural gas heavy-duty trucks in Europe, as well as other world regions that require Euro 6 certification.”