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CSA Group Publishes CNG Fuel Storage and Delivery Systems Document


At the 2014 Clean Vehicle Education Foundation Critical Issues workshop, participants indicated that industry is lacking an up to date “Best Practices Document” regarding the design, installation, testing, and maintenance for CNG fuel storage and delivery systems. Although the existing installation codes provide good minimum safety requirements, the industry representatives at the workshop felt a more comprehensive document would benefit industry. In 2016, a CNG fuel system standard was also included as a priority on the US Department of Energy and Natural Resources Canada’s Natural Gas Vehicle Work Plan in support of the Regulatory Cooperation Council.

To meet this need, CSA Group recently published a binational recommended practice, CSA NGV 6.1 CNG fuel storage and delivery systems for road vehicles, for the North American natural gas vehicle industry. NGV 6.1 provides a Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) design approach with guidance and performance based design requirements for CNG fuel storage and delivery systems for road vehicles.

“By using system engineering practices and starting with a system level FMEA, the NGV 6.1 Technical Committee was able to focus on safety needs of the CNG fuel storage and handling systems,” said Dan Bowerson, Director, Technology & Development, NGV America and Co-chair of NGV 6.1. “The Technical Committee developed a recommended practice that will be useful for companies or individuals involved in the design and installation of CNG systems and components.”

CSA NGV 6.1 complements CSA Group’s engagement over the past three decades with industry on CNG vehicle component issues including: research and development support, standards development, certification and testing, container inspection, and container end of life. The document provides guidance for the system designer and integrator that includes design requirements and process recommendations.


The CSA NGV 6.1 Recommended Practice was made available for purchase in English in PDF format on September 30, 2016. CSA is also pleased to provide the CNG Fuel Inspector Resource Package, which includes NGV 6.1 as well as a collection of other relevant standards such as NGV 1, NGV 2, NGV 3.1, PRD 1, and EXP 2.1.


For information regarding participation on CSA Group’s NGV 6.1 Technical Subcommittee or other committees for natural gas vehicle components and systems, please contact Julie Cairns, julie.cairns@csagroup.org.