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CDP Technologies Offers Aftermarket Cylinder Head Package for GM 6.0L Engines

CDP Technologies, the OEM sales division of Crazy Diamond Performance, will offer a new aftermarket gaseous fuels-prepped cylinder head package for GM 6.0L engines. The new CDP cylinder head will be available for GM engines that have been, or are slated to be, converted to a gaseous alternative fuel engine.

One of the components in Crazy Diamond Performance’s upcoming CDP TorqueDrive (TD) engine, CDP’s new cylinder head has been engineered to incorporate higher airflow, strength and durability than the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) unit. The CDP gaseous prep cylinder head includes ultra-high strength stainless steel valves, proprietary hardened valve seats and revised seals.

“The new materials that are now available help to improve performance, heat dissipation and have a high level of corrosion resistance,” said Kevin Fern, Co-Founder of CDP. “The CDP cylinder head package is direct replacement for the OEM unit, meaning that a fleet operator could replace a non-hardened or failed unit with no modifications to the engine.”

CDP’s new cylinder head is manufactured from a high strength rotocast A356-T6 aluminum. Part of the rotocast process involves rotating the cylinder head mold while cooling to ensure that no air pockets occur.

CDP will be releasing its new cylinder head for aftermarket use in the third quarter of 2017.