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CNG Source Launches New Line of Natural Gas Fueling Equipment

CNG Source, a leading provider of compressed natural gas solutions for fueling stations, has launched the Fuel Ranger Pro line of natural gas fueling equipment for private stations. The new line simplifies most of the complexity and cost associated with deploying CNG equipment for small and mid-sized companies and fleet in need of a private fueling station.

CNG Source says its state-of-the-art equipment is the culmination of many years of work, data gathering and user experience analysis. The Fuel Ranger Pro completes CNG Source’s portfolio of CNG equipment and solutions for the natural gas vehicles segment. The company’s new family of product ranges from an output of 10 GGEs per hour for the smallest, up to 48 GGEs per hour for largest with the possibility of doubling these figures with the duplex units.

The Fuel Ranger Pro is available to meet initial orders in the US and Mexico. The line will later be offered worldwide through distributors specializing in equipment for CNG stations and fleets.