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NGVAmerica News Week in Review: April 10, 2017


  • Efficient Drivetrains Delivers First PHEV Renewable CNG Armored Truck
  • American Power Group to Develop Low NOx Dual Fuel Exhaust System
  • Redmark Selects Cobham for Type 4 CNG Cylinders
  • Luxfer G-Stor Go Cylinders Selected by McNeilus for S-Series Front Discharge Mixer
  • Florida City to Deploy CNG-Powered Waste and Recycling Trucks
  • Total Introduces Natural Gas Fuel for Trucks and Transporters in France
  • Finnish Containerships Aims to Establish Extensive LNG Logistics Chain


Efficient Drivetrains Delivers First PHEV Renewable CNG Armored Truck

April 6, 2017

Efficient Drivetrains has delivered the first of six Plug-in-Hybrid Electric Armored vehicles that will operate on renewable natural gas to Sectran Security. The Class 6 International brand armored truck was the first delivery from the company’s newly expanded facility in Dixon, California.

The vehicle program is a collaboration between Efficient Drivetrains and North American Repower—a leading natural gas engine management and conversion technology company. Under a California Energy Commission grant, the companies care working to convert a fleet of six Class-6 International armored trucks into “Zero Emission with Range Extension” vehicles—PHEV trucks that operate with electricity and compressed RNG. The result is a full OEM-performance electric vehicle that utilizes RNG for range extension and reduces emissions by up to 99 percent in certain duty cycles. The collaboration between the companies is a model program to support the rapid acceleration towards a zero emissions environment.

Currently, Sectran Security trucks make frequent stops as part of their highly congested routes. At each stop, engines are kept idling for security purposes, but now risk violating California’s strict diesel idling regulations, which prohibit idling the engine for more than five minutes. With the modernized trucks, engine idling is eliminated entirely, by operating in all-electric mode during stop-and-go operations, and in hybrid mode using RNG during highway operations.

“The technology collaboration between Efficient Drivetrains and North American Repower represents tremendous potential as we work to improve air quality and meet industry mandates related to emissions reductions,” said Joerg Ferchau, CEO, Efficient Drivetrains. “World’s-first vehicle programs like these play an essential role in helping California meet its aggressive carbon reduction and zero emissions goals. We’re looking forward to completing the full fleet this year.”

When the full fleet of six is complete, the vehicles will enable Sectran to reduce annual diesel consumption by more than 31,000 gallons, significantly reduce annual fuel costs, and reduce emissions by up to 99.9 percent.


American Power Group to Develop Low NOx Dual Fuel Exhaust System

March 28, 2017

American Power Group announced funding has been approved for the initial production development phase of a low NOx solution for 13 liter to 16 liter Class 8 diesel engines that are model year 2010 and newer. The patent-pending design incorporates APG’s CARB certified dual fuel natural gas system with APG’s new Exhaust Thermal Management System (ETMS). APG’s ETMS is designed to create a quicker warm-up and maintain optimal temperature performance of a diesel engine’s selective catalyst reduction system to significantly reduce smog-forming NOx production.

The system is expected to reduce NOx 50 percent to 75 percent below today’s EPA and CARB NOx standards, which would qualify diesel engines upgraded with APG’s Dual Fuel/ETMS system to meet California’s Optional Low NOx diesel engine emission standards. Initial phase emissions testing will be performed this spring at the Center For Alternative Fuels, Engines, and Emissions (CAFEE) at West Virginia University.

“There are millions of 13L to 16L high-horsepower diesel engines on the road that cumulatively rank as the number one source in NOx emissions,” said Lyle Jensen, American Power Group Corporation’s CEO. “The existing APG V5000 and the new APG V6000 with ETMS have the opportunity to fill this void with no loss of power on legacy diesel engines and present options for a new dual fuel natural gas low NOx high-horsepower Diesel/SCR engine for the heavy-haul OEM market.”


Redmark Selects Cobham for Type 4 CNG Cylinders

April 4, 2017

Redmark CNG Services, a leading CNG conversion and service provider in Colorado, has chosen Cobham as a Type 4 cylinder preferred supplier. Redmark says its team has delivered thousands of upfit CNG and other gaseous fuel vehicles to hundreds of fleets over their history in the region.

Cobham’s current offering includes a 21″ diameter family of various lengths available in strap and boss mounts.  Additional sizes, including a 17″ diameter family of cylinders, will be available to the market spring of this year with larger diameter sizes planned for release later in 2017. Cobham also produces customized sizes as needed.

“We have chosen Cobham to be our supplier of choice because the superior customer service, pricing, quality, and the flexibility they offer falls in line with our business model perfectly,” said Kris Kielty, President of Redmark.


Luxfer G-Stor Go Cylinders Selected by McNeilus for S-Series Front Discharge Mixer

April 6, 2017

McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing has selected Luxfer’s G-Stor Go Type-4 cylinders and G-Flo valves for its CNG-powered S-Series Front Discharge Mixer. The Twin Vertical CNG configuration maximizes truck ground clearance without compromising on wheelbase. Vertically installed tanks free up frame space for chute storage, tanks and other components. The fuel management module features an NGV1 fill port, defuel port, manual-shutoff valve and pressure sensor.

The system features two Luxfer G-Stor Go Type 4 cylinders that provide 10 percent additional volume combined with a 30 percent reduction in weight compared to previous conventional hybrid cylinders. The tanks are fitted with G-Flo Luxfer valves that provide optimal flow even at low tank pressure, further increasing range. The CNG cylinders provide 82 DGEs—a seven-DGE increase over the previous model—and feature a high-density polyethylene liner with full carbon fiber wrap.

McNeilus, an industry leader with more than 5,000 CNG vehicles on the road from coast to coast, offers a variety of mounting options and fuel capacities to meet customer needs, with new configurations constantly in development. CNG systems are installed on heavy-duty vehicles through the company’s national network of certified installation centers.


Florida City to Deploy CNG-Powered Waste and Recycling Trucks

April 4, 2017

The City of Inverness, Florida has moved forward with plans to deploy CNG-powered trucks to support the program of fully automated solid waste and recycling collection.

The city has made an agreement with the disposal contractor to put into service the new CNG collection vehicles by January 1, 2018. In recognition of the investment associated with CNG vehicles and the delivery of full-automation, the service agreement will be extended through September 30, 2028.


Total Introduces Natural Gas Fuel for Trucks and Transporters in France

April 6, 2017

Total officially inaugurated its first natural gas fueling station in Nantes, France. Total plans to open another 15 stations this year, followed by an additional 10 stations a year. The aim is to create a network of 110 outlets supplying natural gas fuel in France.

“As part of the energy transition, natural gas could become the fuel of the future for road transportation,” commented Momar Nguer, President, Total Marketing & Services. “We want to promote its development, especially for the truckers and transporters we serve.”

Total already has a network of 450 natural gas fueling stations worldwide. The Group markets CNG in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Egypt, Pakistan and now in France. It opened its first LNG fueling station in 2015, in Belgium, near the port of Antwerp.


Finnish Containerships Aims to Establish Extensive LNG Logistics Chain

April 3, 2017

Containerships intends to be the first company in Europe to establish a logistics chain based entirely on LNG. At the moment, the Chinese Wenchong Shipyard is building four LNG cargo ships for the Company in China, scheduled for delivery by the end of 2018. The Keel Laying Ceremony of the first LNG vessel, and the Steel Cutting Ceremony of the second LNG vessel were recently held in Guangzhou.

The implementation of the company strategy is supported by substantial project funding of more than $17 million granted by the European Union. About $11 million of the funding will be allocated for ship investments, and the remaining funds for the development of a European LNG terminal network with other partners involved in the project.

The Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) has decided to invest more than $5 million in supporting the Company’s environmental strategy in the Baltic Sea region.

“The participation of the European Union and NEFCO in the project gives us considerable support for building the first eco-friendly supply chain in Europe,” said CEO of Containerships Kari-Pekka Laaksonen.

In addition to new ships, the Company will also invest in LNG trucks. Containerships is already operating more than 40 LNG-powered trucks. The plan is to increase the number to 150 to 200. Furthermore, the Company has invested in an LNG refueling station located in the UK.

The combined value of the investments made by the Finnish family-owned company Containerships amounts to approximately $150 to $200 million, including acquisitions for both maritime and road traffic.