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Caterpillar Unveils First of Its Kind LNG Test Bed for Marine Applications


Caterpillar Marine has unveiled the first LNG test bed for gas-fueled engines at its facility in Kiel. The LNG preparation unit comprises of an LNG tank and a gas preparation unit that are both in 40 foot container size, and both developed and provided by Marine Service, Hamburg.

Caterpillar is already a leader in LNG power with its MaK branded dual fuel engines, but Caterpillar says there’s still a lot to learn about LNG and the engineering required to maximize its potential. With its Kiel location, Caterpillar will improve its understanding of the technology and enhance the service it provides to clients adopting LNG.

“LNG offers obvious benefits to marine power and it’s considered a true future fuel,” said Georg Gillert, engineering supervisor for Caterpillar Marine. “It burns cleaner than other fuels, emitting low amounts of nitrogen oxide (NOx), sulfur oxides (SOx), particulate matter and carbon dioxide. When handled properly, LNG offers a clear path to regulation compliance with all current and future standards,” stated Gillert.

Caterpillar’s Kiel test bed will focus on ensuring its products, including its MaK engines, are the immediate beneficiaries of LNG advancements; familiarizing Caterpillar sales personnel and dealers with valuable information regarding the technology; and facilitating customer training to not only become familiar with LNG, but to also teach customers important safety information regarding LNG handling and operational procedures.