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Hexagon Composites VP Hexagon Composites Receives CSA Group Award of Merit



Dr. Norman Newhouse, Vice President, Technology, Hexagon Composites was presented the CSA Group Award of Merit on June 20, 2017, in Halifax, Nova Scotia as part of the CSA Group 2017 Annual Conference and Committee Week. The CSA Group Award of Merit is bestowed upon individual members for outstanding contributions and leadership in the development and advancement of voluntary standards.

“CSA Group recognizes the input and insight that our committee members provide on committees and subcommittees,” said Julie Cairns, Senior Project Manager, Alternative Energy, CSA Group. “Through his leadership and many years of participation in the standards development process, Norm has contributed to the deployment of safe and reliable components, equipment, and practices for the industry.”

Norm NewhouseNorm has been involved in standards development for more than 25 years. He was the first chair of CSA Group’s pressure relief device standard, and now serves on a number of technical committees and subcommittees.

His leadership and understanding of the role of standards development has directly impacted the regulatory environment, improved the safety of products, and supported the expansion of the natural gas vehicle industry. In advocating for performance-based requirements, he has helped nurture innovation that has led to cleaner air through the use of natural gas powered vehicles.

“A calming third party voice during committee meetings, Dr. Newhouse always demonstrates a willingness to listen to all sides of a discussion. He has also served as mentor to many, willingly sharing his extensive knowledge,” said  Dan Bowerson, NGVAmerica Director of Technology & Development. “It has been a pleasure to serve on several standard committees with Norm.  He has always been willing to share his experience and explain the background into the creation of NGV standards, countless numbers of individuals have benefited from Norm’s knowledge and generosity.”