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Cenergy Solutions to Install Low Pressure ANG Systems in Commercial CNG Fleets


Cenergy Solutions have agreed to convert two CNG fleets to adsorbent natural gas (ANG) systems. The Gas Connection in Broomfield, Colorado and AAAA Generator Services Inc in Hayward, California have both been operating CNG vehicles for years and want to convert their vehicles to low pressure ANG tanks. AAAA Generator had one of their vehicles converted to ANG in December of 2015 and that vehicle has been the most used in their fleet.

Cenergy Solutions will be installing their ANG systems in The Gas Connection’s vehicles at their Arkansas Alternative Fuel Development and Training Center in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. The AAAA Generator fleet will be converted to ANG vehicles by one of Cenergy Solutions’ certified partners in California.

Both fleets will use Cenergy Solutions’ low pressure compressors to fill their ANG tanks at their business location. The fleets will also have the option to fill at high pressure fueling stations with Cenergy’s proprietary ANG system, which accommodates both low and high pressure fills.