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Freedom CNG Says Service Uninterrupted Throughout Hurricane Harvey

Freedom CNG, the provider of natural gas fuel for Houston Metro, says that despite the Texas Gulf Coast and parts of Louisiana being devastated Hurricane Harvey, pipeline operators have provided an uninterrupted supply of natural gas to all affected areas.

Oil production platforms and refineries have been negatively impacted by Harvey causing fuel shortages and price increases across Texas and beyond. However, Freedom CNG says the integrity provided by the pipeline system in Texas allowed users to continue to rely on natural gas to provide transportation fuel to light and heavy duty vehicles across the state.

The price of natural gas fuel continues to be stable and no shortages have been reported throughout Texas’s network of natural gas stations. Freedom CNG, for example, was fueling METRO transit buses, Houston Distributing Trucks, Waste Corporation garbage trucks, AT&T service vehicles and many other fleets right here in Houston. When the power went out, on-site back-up generators ensured that our customers would receive critical fuel for their vehicles.