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City of Long Beach Opens New CNG Station for Clean-Fuel Fleet


The City of Long Beach continues its investment in clean air and green energy with the installation of its new CNG fueling station. TruStar Energy was contracted to build and maintain the CNG fueling station that will provide a local source of renewable natural gas (RNG) for the City’s new fleet of CNG-powered refuse trucks and street sweepers.

“By powering fleets with renewable fuels, the City is looking at a potential reduction of more than 7,700 tons of carbon emissions per year,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. “Long Beach remains a committed leader in its efforts to ensure a zero emissions future.”

This new time-fill station includes fully-integrated fuel compression equipment, backup power, and a dispensing system capable of providing a ten-hour time-fill capacity for 80 trucks and 20 sweepers, enabling them to refuel overnight.

“When factoring its production, transportation, and use, the carbon footprint for renewable natural gas is the lowest of any vehicle fuel over the course of its life cycle,” said Fleet Services Bureau Manager, Dan Berlenbach.

Since 2015, the City has been using renewable fuels for its Fleet, such as renewable diesel and renewable LNG. Renewable fuels greatly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) and tailpipe emissions, cost the same or less than current fuels, and do not require any modifications to the City’s vehicles or fueling infrastructure.

In 2016, the City’s fleet was recognized as one of the top ten fleets in the nation by Government Fleet magazine and was ranked a Top 50 Green Fleet by Heavy Duty
Trucking magazine.