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NGVAmerica News Week in Review: September 11, 2017

  • City of Long Beach Opens New CNG Station for Clean-Fuel Fleet
  • American Natural Gas Opens New CNG Station in California
  • Freedom CNG Says Service Uninterrupted Throughout Hurricane Harvey
  • Ultimate CNG Expands Operations into California to Support Waste Management
  • JAX Chamber Joins Organizers of Upcoming HHP Summit
  • New LNG Bunker Barge to Feature Wärtsilä Cargo Handling System


City of Long Beach Opens New CNG Station for Clean-Fuel Fleet

September 8, 2017

The City of Long Beach continues its investment in clean air and green energy with the installation of its new CNG fueling station. TruStar Energy was contracted to build and maintain the CNG fueling station that will provide a local source of renewable natural gas (RNG) for the City’s new fleet of CNG-powered refuse trucks and street sweepers.

“By powering fleets with renewable fuels, the City is looking at a potential reduction of more than 7,700 tons of carbon emissions per year,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. “Long Beach remains a committed leader in its efforts to ensure a zero emissions future.”

This new time-fill station includes fully-integrated fuel compression equipment, backup power, and a dispensing system capable of providing a ten-hour time-fill capacity for 80 trucks and 20 sweepers, enabling them to refuel overnight.

“When factoring its production, transportation, and use, the carbon footprint for renewable natural gas is the lowest of any vehicle fuel over the course of its life cycle,” said Fleet Services Bureau Manager, Dan Berlenbach.

Since 2015, the City has been using renewable fuels for its Fleet, such as renewable diesel and renewable LNG. Renewable fuels greatly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) and tailpipe emissions, cost the same or less than current fuels, and do not require any modifications to the City’s vehicles or fueling infrastructure.

In 2016, the City’s fleet was recognized as one of the top ten fleets in the nation by Government Fleet magazine and was ranked a Top 50 Green Fleet by Heavy Duty
Trucking magazine.


American Natural Gas Opens New CNG Station in California

September 8, 2017

American Natural Gas (ANG) has opened its new public CNG station in Fontana, California. ANG says the station will meet the demand for easily-accessible CNG fueling facilities in the trucking industry hub. Located at the intersection of Interstate 15 and Interstate 10, it’s in a high-transit area and near numerous transportation, distribution, and manufacturing centers.

“Fontana and the fleets that operate here have set a precedent for CNG usage and ANG is excited by the opportunity to help fuel their future,” said Drew West, Chief Executive Officer of ANG.

The Fontana station has three 300 HP Ariel JGQ/2 compressors packaged by ANGI Energy Systems with two points of temperature compensation and an ANGI dryer. The station features three ANGI CNG dispensers equipped with NGV1 nozzles for light and medium duty use and NGV2 nozzles to accommodate heavy duty and transit vehicles. The fast-fuel station is optimized for high-capacity, large volume users.

ANG currently owns and operates approximately 40 fueling stations in 13 states across the US, including stations in process and under development. In 2016, ANG expanded its national network with the acquisition of Questar Fueling Company. The Fontana property, as well others in California, Arizona, Utah and Texas were part of the acquisition.


Freedom CNG Says Service Uninterrupted Throughout Hurricane Harvey

September 1, 2017

Freedom CNG, the provider of natural gas fuel for Houston Metro, says that despite the Texas Gulf Coast and parts of Louisiana being devastated Hurricane Harvey, pipeline operators have provided an uninterrupted supply of natural gas to all affected areas.

Oil production platforms and refineries have been negatively impacted by Harvey causing fuel shortages and price increases across Texas and beyond. However, Freedom CNG says the integrity provided by the pipeline system in Texas allowed users to continue to rely on natural gas to provide transportation fuel to light and heavy duty vehicles across the state.

The price of natural gas fuel continues to be stable and no shortages have been reported throughout Texas’s network of natural gas stations. Freedom CNG, for example, was fueling METRO transit buses, Houston Distributing Trucks, Waste Corporation garbage trucks, AT&T service vehicles and many other fleets right here in Houston. When the power went out, on-site back-up generators ensured that our customers would receive critical fuel for their vehicles.


Ultimate CNG Expands Operations into California to Support Waste Management

September 11, 2017

Ultimate CNG LLC, owner of the patented FuelMule mobile CNG station and provider of CNG deliveries, announced that it is expanding operations into California. Ultimate CNG has recently been selected to provide CNG to the new Waste Management fleet of over 60 refuse trucks in Sun Valley, California, until its own on-site permanent CNG station is completed.

Among the mobile delivery assets developed by Ultimate CNG LLC, is the FuelMule™ – a self-contained mobile CNG station with on-board storage and compressor delivering CNG on a fast-fill basis, requiring no on-site natural gas or electric power connections.


JAX Chamber Joins Organizers of Upcoming HHP Summit

September 5, 2017

The JAX Chamber has joined together with Gladstein, Neandross & Associates, and conference organizers of the Natural Gas for High Horsepower (HHP) Summit, to bring the annual event to Jacksonville, Florida. The HHP Summit serves as a meeting place of high horsepower industry stakeholders—including marine, mining, rail, and stationary power generation sectors — to discuss the opportunities and challenges offered by natural gas in energy-intensive applications. In recent years, Jacksonville has become the epicenter of North American natural gas market development for these same applications.

“Jacksonville is committed to supporting the burgeoning natural gas industry, which drives economic development, energy security and improves environmental sustainability,” JAX Chamber’s VP of Industry & Government Affairs, Chris Quinn said.

The four-day event will provide attendees insight into dozens of marine, rail, mining, remote power generation, on-road trucking, and infrastructure projects through a series of plenaries, breakouts, and technical workshops. This year’s attendees will also have access to off-site tours to local Jacksonville projects, including the Eagle LNG Maxville Plant, Crowley LNG Bunker Terminal, JAX LNG Plant, TOTE LNG Vessel, Florida East Coast Rail LNG locomotives and tender fueling operations, Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) CNG operation, and UPS LNG trucks and large-scale LNG refueling station.

The HHP Summit expo hall will offer hands-on access to a wide range of natural gas engines, equipment and technology designed for high horsepower applications.


New LNG Bunker Barge to Feature Wärtsilä Cargo Handling System

September 7, 2017

Wärtsilä announced it will supply the cargo handling system and cargo tanks for a new high-capacity LNG bunker barge. The vessel will be owned by LNG Shipping, a consortium between Belgium based Victrol and CFT Corporation based in France. The barge is being built in Romania and will be outfitted in the Netherlands. When delivered, it will be chartered by Shell, operating out of Rotterdam to provide the company with additional flexibility to bunker LNG fueled ships, including vessels operating on Europe’s inland waterways.

“Wärtsilä is a leader in gas handling technology and we are pleased to have them as a partner in this newbuild project,” said Gisele Maes Buelens, Victrol NV.

Wärtsilä will provide the cargo handling system, the cargo tanks, and installation of the cargo arrangement onboard the vessel. Wärtsilä Gas Solutions offers systems for a number of gas segment applications, including for all types of gas carriers, terminals, and fuel gas supply systems.