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NGVAmerica News Week in Review: September 18, 2017

NGVAmerica News Week in Review: September 18, 2017

  • NGVAmerica Appoints Daniel Gage as President
  • US DOE Releases Funding Notice for Natural Gas Engine Research
  • CMD CNG Energy Solutions Stations Stay Online During Hurricane Irma
  • Oasis Introduces New Light Duty NGV1 Transit Nozzle
  • LIQAL Introduces Skid-Mounted, Relocatable LNG Refueling Station
  • LNG Bunker Vessel Takes Maiden Delivery Voyage in Europe


NGVAmerica Appoints Daniel Gage as President

September 12, 2017

NGVAmerica announced that Daniel Gage has been named its new president. Gage succeeds Matthew Godlewski, who recently joined Ford Motor Company. Gage takes over leadership of NGVAmerica at an important time in the organization’s 30-year history as the nation’s leading organization driving the use of natural gas as a clean, domestic, safe and abundant transportation fuel.

“Dan’s deep experience in moving positive initiatives through a variety of channels will be critical as NGVAmerica continues to push for policies that make natural gas fuel more available to the transportation market,” said Mitchell Pratt, chairman of NGVAmerica. “As alternative fuels grab more and more headlines about their potential, it is imperative that our industry communicates the many ways natural gas is the superior choice for fleets that are looking to make a positive impact on the environment and to save money today and into the future.”

“It’s a defining moment for natural gas in transportation,” added Gage, “and I am honored to lead a talented group of professionals dedicated to advancing cleaner air through the expanded use of natural gas innovation.”

Over 165,000 light-, medium-, and heavy-duty natural gas vehicles are on America’s roadways today. About 30 percent of all transit buses operate on natural gas as do approximately 60 percent of all new refuse truck orders. Natural gas ground vehicles reduce GHG emissions at more than 40 major U.S. airports, and new rail and marine applications currently being developed and deployed offer new long-term opportunities for the industry. Cities around the world like London, Paris, Mexico City and others are discovering that their bets on diesel are only proving to be a mistake and are turning more and more to natural gas fuel to make improvements in their current air quality and reduce long-term greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

“Natural gas remains the cleanest commercially available transportation option, costing – on average – one third less than other fuels,” said Gage. “Domestically-sourced, natural gas delivers superior performance and offers the most cost-effective NOx emissions reductions as compared to diesel or electric options.”

Gage will begin at NGVAmerica in mid-September. He holds more than 20 years of experience in government and community relations and public affairs, building effective teams and developing comprehensive messaging campaigns to shape policy at all levels of government.  Gage comes to NGVAmerica from the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers where he served as Senior Director of Communications and Public Affairs since 2011.

Prior to joining the Alliance, Gage was a senior staff member in the Washington office of the American Academy of Pediatrics and served as Vice President of Government Relations for JA Green & Company, a boutique Washington firm providing solutions for the U.S. industrial base.  His background includes a decade of Congressional experience as Chief of Staff, Legislative Director, and Communications Director for former House Appropriations Cardinal Jim Walsh (NY) and as Director of Public Affairs for the City of Syracuse, New York under then Mayor and later HUD Deputy Secretary Roy A. Bernardi.

Gage began his public service career as a White House intern in the George H.W. Bush administration under then Chief Speechwriter Tony Snow.  A native Upstate New Yorker, Gage is an undergraduate of the College of Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts and holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University.


US DOE Releases Funding Notice for Natural Gas Engine Research

September 15, 2017

The U.S. Department of Energy has released a Notice of Intent, DE-FOA-0001812, for medium and heavy duty natural gas vehicle engine research and development. This notice comes as a result of the Fiscal Year 2017 Energy and Water Development Appropriations Bill:

“Within available funds, the recommendation includes up to $15,000,000 for medium and heavy-duty on-road natural gas engine research and development, including energy efficiency improvements, emission after-treatment technologies, fuel system enhancements, and new engine development. Additionally, the Department is encouraged to address technical barriers to the increased use of alternative fuel vehicles, including the development of novel compression and liquefaction technologies, advanced materials, and improvements in processes for conditioning and dispensing natural gas.”

This Notice of Intent is to provide potential applicants advance notice that the Department of Energy intends to issue a Funding Opportunity Announcement, DE-FOA-0001813, entitled “Medium / Heavy Duty, On-Road Natural Gas Engine Research and Development.” The goal of this program is to address technical barriers to the adoption of natural gas vehicles. The Department is focusing on early stage research on medium and heavy duty on-road engine technologies. This program is not intended to fund a complete engine development. However, subsystem research leading to increased overall engine efficiency is within scope. Potential technologies may include combustion strategies, engine subsystems, emission control systems, fuel systems, and controls.

With the beginning of the Trump Administration and their stated desire to cut government spending, many in Washington were concerned about deep funding cuts to key programs, including those of importance to the NGV industry. Despite these concerns, NGVAmerica obtained crucial programmatic language and key funding for our R&D priorities. NGVAmerica, working with congressional offices, secured funding and legislative language supporting several key NGV initiatives for FY2017.

In the Omnibus spending agreement for FY 2017 were several provisions requested by NGVAmerica, including:

  • $15 million for natural gas engine research and development in Energy and Water and related agency funding
  • $34 million for Clean Cities Deployment
  • Programmatic language relating to new safety regulations for liquefied natural gas fuel tanks and fuel systems and language related to guidance for deploy transit buses that have roof-top mounted CNG cylinders

Additionally, NGVAmerica staff participated in a Department of Energy R&D workshop at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory on July 25. At this workshop, we shared the NGVAmerica Technology & Development Committee’s top R&D priorities.

Finally, NGVAmerica staff continues to meet with DOE to assist in the process wherever permitted.

Below are helpful links to the Notice of Intent and reference materials:

Notice of Intent to Issue Funding Opportunity Announcement

Natural Gas Vehicle Research Workshop Materials

This topic will be discussed in further detail at the Technology & Development Committee meeting that will be held in conjunction with the NGVAmerica Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia on September 26. If you have not already done so, please register by clicking here.


CMD Energy Solutions CNG Station Equipment Stays Online During Hurricane Irma

September 15, 2017

CMD Energy Solutions reported that its CNG fueling stations in Tampa and Kissimmee, Florida with CMD Energy Solutions equipment remained operational throughout the storm. Monitoring cameras on site showed heavy wind and rain, but no issues with the CMD fueling equipment.

This Tampa, Florida CNG station features two 200HP 475CGS compressor packages, dryer, controls, three bank storage and cascade type priority panel from CMD CNG Energy Solutions.

“We have systems in hard-hit Tampa and Kissimmee,” said CNG Project Manager, Rock Petit.  “At all times the compression equipment was available to provide gas. Vehicles were able to fuel once trees were cleared from adjacent roadways.”

CMD offers a unique wrap-around service program including twenty four hours a day, seven days a week station monitoring and quick service dispatch, a nationwide network of technicians, operator and technician training and readily available replacement parts.

“Our top priority is keeping our customers’ stations up and running for uninterrupted fueling service for drivers,” notes Brad Schmoll, Business Development Manager.  “Our systems are designed for robust performance even in extreme weather, and our monitoring service ensures that stations are watched 24/7 and any issues are quickly resolved.”


Oasis Introduces New Light Duty NGV1 Transit Nozzle

September 5, 2017

Oasis Engineering has released a new Light Duty NGV1 Transit Nozzle. The nozzle features improved ergonomics and was redesigned to be operated at public stations. Features of the nozzle include:

  • 90 Degree Fill Valve body design with NGV1 P30 / P36 Nozzle.
  • NGV1 Nozzle desgined to ANSI / CGA NGV1 standards.
  • Female 9/16 – 18 SAE inlet connection.
  • Extended cycle testing to ensure product longevity.
  • Port adaptor options available upon request.
  • Fill Valve compatible with other NGV1 nozzles (for maximum unrestricted flow we recommend our NGV1 P30 / P36 Nozzles).
  • Hardened nozzle segments which increase the nozzles surface gripping area and reduces wear on vehicle receptacles.

Oasis is also offering a special free-of-charge three month trial period for those interested in trying the new nozzle firsthand.


LIQAL Introduces Skid-Mounted, Relocatable LNG Refueling Station

September 15, 2017

LIQAL, a Netherlands-based turnkey supplier of small-scale LNG systems, has developed a skid-mounted LNG refueling station that offers station operators high performance with the flexibility of a relocatable system that has lower investment requirements for both fueling equipment and onsite project preparations.

LIQAL says the completely pre-fabricated and transportable LNG refueling unit, the MRU, is SIL-2 classified and complies with the latest international standards and regulations, including ISO 16924. The unit features proprietary designs, like on-the-fly saturation, a vapour return economizer, a MID certified LNG fuel dispenser with patented heated and purged nozzle docking bay, and an iSCADA remote monitoring system.

Any tank type including mobile ISO storage can be connected to the MRU, which also holds space for LIQAL’s micro liquefaction technology that ensures unlimited holding time of LNG in the storage tank. The MRU also allows for two-sided refueling of LNG and to add an LCNG system.


LNG Bunker Vessel Takes Maiden Delivery Voyage in Europe

September 15, 2017

Skangas’ new LNG bunker vessel, the Coralius, recently took her maiden voyage delivering LNG to their terminal in Øra, Norway. The vessel was loaded with LNG from Skangas’ own production facility in Risavika, Stavanger.

The ship was built by Royal Bodewes and developed in close co-operation between the owners and Skangas. Coralius as bunker vessel, holds state-of-the-art LNG transfer equipment on board.

“We are very content with further developing the marine LNG availability in Northern Europe by our new ship Coralius,” says Kimmo Rahkamo, CEO of Skangas. “We look forward to serving our existing and new customers wherever they need LNG by ship-to-ship.”