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City of Sante Fe Awards Clean Energy New Multi-Use Station Fueling Agreement

The City of Santa Fe, New Mexico, has contracted with Clean Energy to build a CNG fueling station for its transit and refuse fleets as well as offering access to the public. The unique station design will include fast-fill dispensers for Santa Fe Trails, the city’s transit agency, as well as time-fill dispensers installed nearby at the city’s Environmental Services Division for its refuse fleet. The public will be able to fuel their vehicles via a separate lane with its own quick-fill dispenser.

The station is expected to fuel 67 CNG transit, para-transit and refuse vehicles, and dispense approximately 440,000 GGEs per year, which is expected to increase as the solid waste department plans on increasing the size of their CNG fleet over the next 5 years.

“The City of Santa Fe is committed to operate in the most environmentally responsible manner possible. By fueling our fleet with CNG, we can decrease the amount of NOx and greenhouse gas emissions that are emitted into the air,” said Keith Wilson, with the City of Santa Fe’s Transit Division. “Not only is CNG cleaner, but it is also more cost effective, which is important for our taxpayers.”

The operations and maintenance contract will run for 8 years, beginning with the opening of the station scheduled for 2018.