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Peoples Names Natural Gas Boating Ambassador, Installs Hybrid Natural Gas System

In a contest partnership with Pittsburgh Magazine, Peoples has named a local boat owner and entrepreneur to serve as the first Peoples Boat Ambassador. Nicole Moga, owner-operator of Boat Pittsburgh, will have one of her rental pontoon boats fitted with a hybrid natural gas engine at Peoples expense. Hers will be the first non-industrial natural gas boat in Pennsylvania.

“Natural gas is a cleaner-burning, less-expensive fuel source,” explained Miguel Guerreiro, President of Blue Gas Marine, whose company will perform the engine installation. “In addition to realizing long-term fuel savings, Nicole’s new hybrid system will avoid toxic fuel spills, reduce carbon monoxide fumes and keep the waterways cleaner.”

Peoples says it is in the early stages of adding a CNG fueling station to Washington’s Landing Marina on the Allegheny River. It will be the first fresh-water CNG station in the nation that will be able to serve both commercial and recreational boaters. Natural gas boaters with trailered watercraft will also be able to refuel at any land-based CNG station. More information about marine natural gas is available at Peoples website.