Final Plan

In March 2018, Nevada DEP released a final BMP.  That plan is located below and includes the following allocations:


Flex Funds 80%

EV Light Duty Infrastructure 15%

Funding Opportunity

NDEP is accepting applications for the 2021 cycle through January 15, 2022. A total of $8 million is available to assist public and private fleets with the replacement of older diesel-powered vehicles and equipment with new alternative fuel and zero tailpipe emission vehicles and equipment.  NDEP hosted a webinar on November 3, 2021; the recording is on NDEP website.

The list of eligible projects for the DEMF's 2021 Competitive Application is as follows: 


There are three changes to this application compared to the 2019 application.

  1. Eligibility – NDEP will only be selecting applications from applicants who have not been awarded funding in previous DEMF cycles.
  2. Fuel Types – NDEP is only funding diesel-to-alternative fuel or diesel-to-zero tailpipe emission replacement/repower projects and will no longer accept applications for diesel-to-diesel replacement/repower projects.
  3. Funding Levels for Eligible Mitigation Action Categories 1 through 8 – NDEP is now offering to fund the incremental cost of a program eligible replacement/repower project as opposed to the flat dollar amounts in previous cycles. Note: funding limits inherent to the State Trust still apply.


Final Plan

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